School Culture

  • We believe that the Northeast Kings Education Centre school climate should be a safe and respectful place for all.
  • We believe that all should feel welcomed and valued in our school community.
  • We believe that each individual should be made aware of their responsibilities  at Northeast Kings Education Centre.
  • We believe that respect for diversity must be an integral part of a positive school climate.
  • We believe that the school community should practice and promote equality of race, culture, religion, gender and human rights.
  • We believe that communication between students, staff and parents or guardians is essential.
  • We believe in a student body that is respectful in their attire but allows for individuality.
  • We believe that the expectation should be for each student to grow to their full potential.
  • We believe that education is a shared responsibility among family, staff and students.
  • We believe that staff has the right to a safe work environment.
  • We believe that our code of conduct must reflect the policies and procedures of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, our Mission Statement and that it must be used consistently.



  • We believe that we must accommodate all learners through various teaching methods and instructional strategies.
  • We believe that students should have a variety of learning opportunities and experiences.
  • We believe that students must be given opportunities to use a variety of intelligences to demonstrate their learning.
  • We believe that appropriate resources including teaching guides and textbooks must be readily available.
  • We believe in providing various pathway options to students leading towards high school completion.
  • We believe that students should be made fully aware of all post-graduation options.
  • We believe that technology is a learning tool that should be appropriately integrated across the curriculum.
  • We believe that technology needs to be current, maintained and equitably accessible.
  • We believe that assessment should be varied, ongoing and reflect the needs of the individual.
  • We believe that students and staff must be held accountable to all school policies and procedures.
  • We believe in a commitment to learning, i.e., coming to school regularly and on time, fully prepared for classes, and ready to give their best effort.
  • We believe in supporting policies that promote the health of others (i.e., a scent-free environment, allergy awareness, smoke-free, healthy and active lifestyle).
  • We believe in always considering what is best for students when making decisions within our school, recognizing that philosophical and practical decisions impact on students learning.

Daily Announcements

Tuesday, September 19,  2017

Day 1

In The Kitchen   

Soup of the Day:  Broccoli Cheddar

Rice of the Day:   Mexican       

Pizza of the Day: BBQ Chicken   

Lunch Special:  Mexi-Beef Melts w/Mexican Rice & Corn $5.25

Jr. Girls Volleyball tryouts

Jr. Girls volleyball tryout today from 3:30-5pm

NKEC Golf Team

There is an important meeting at the start of highschool lunch for the NKEC golf team. All members of the golf team must attend. The meeting will be in room  205.

Jr. Boys Soccer

Practice after school today until 4:30, however, please listen to announcements this afternoon in case of weather.

Cross Country Running

Good Luck to our NKEC Cross-Country Runners, as they travel to Kings Edgehill today for their first meet of the season.

Middle School PE

Middle School students should be prepared to go outside today.  If it is raining we will be in a classroom.  Please meet outside the Middle School gym doors before class.

NKEC Radio

Reminder of the NKEC Radio meeting in room 203 today at lunch. Meeting starts at noon, come early if possible.

Music Department

Good morning!  Great first Sr. Concert Band rehearsal yesterday afternoon!  It’s going to be a fun and exciting year!

Don’t forget that ALL pie order forms are DUE on TOMORROW!!  Wednesday is an early dismissal day, so plan ahead!

Any adult who wants to learn to play a band instrument is invited to come out on Thursday evening from 6:30-7:30 pm.  If you already have experience, an intermediate group will play from 7:30-8:30 pm.  See Ms. Helms if you have any questions!

Stage Crew

After morning announcements, we will meet in the gym and set up for the Student Speak Out Day.  Amber Rand will be running the set up.


Today at the start of senior high lunch is the first yearbook meeting of the year! Come out to Mr. Priddle’s room - room 213 - to be part of the best yearbook ever! All welcome.

Chess Club

Come check out chess club today at lunch in Mr. Sanford’s room 204.

Lunch Specials


Soup of the day:  Broccoli & Cheddar
Rice of the day:   Mexican
Pizza of the day:  BBQ Chicken
Daily Special:      Mexi-Beef Melts w/Mexican Rice & Corn $5.25