Northeast Kings Education Centre believes in developing a learning environment that nurtures not just the academic growth of our students, but also their physical, social and emotional growth.

Northeast Kings Education Centre is a school within a school.  We have a Middle School of grade six to eight students and a High School of grade nine to 12 students.  Our school has a population of approximately 900 students and 85 staff members.

Phone: (902) 582-2040
Fax: (902) 582-2044

Northeast Kings Education Centre
1816 Bains Road, Canning, N.S.
B0P 1H0


  • Kevin Veinot
  • Greg Fox
    Vice Principal
  • Ian Campbell
    Vice Principal
  • Mike Landry
    Vice Principal

    Phone: 1-902-582-2040

Administrative Assistants

  • Juanita MacDonnell
    Secretary - Main Office
  • Theresa Lutz
    Secretary - Main Office
  • Kyla Loane
    Secretary - Student Services
  • Sally Zwicker
    Secretary - Student Services
  • Starr Levy
    Student Supervisor

Building Manager

  • Terry Parker
    Building Manager

Computer Technician

  • Brian Chase

Educational Assistant

  • Angela Schofield-Kennedy
  • Belinda Bignell
  • Carrie Woodworth-Arnold
  • Debbie Blenus
  • Erica Rogers
  • Janice Bosveld-Shaw
  • Jeff Carter
  • Jocelyn Mackin
  • Pam Kelley
  • Patricia Parker
  • Shannon Phillips
  • Sherry Huxter
  • Susan Barkhouse
  • Tanya MacBride
  • Ted Champion
  • Alicia Lindeman
    Educational Assistant
  • Brett Atwater
    Educational Assistant
  • Denise Rand
    Educational Assistant
  • Jillian Sabean
    Educational Assistant
  • Sam Adams
    Educational Assistant



  • Tracey Clements
    Student Support Worker


  • Anne Merkley
    Eng 9, 10 & 11, Bus Tech 11
  • Jaqueline Faber
    Math 12, Math at Work 10/11/12
  • Clem Kehoe
    ACS 11, SST 9, GEOG 10/11
  • Don Batstone
    AP Seminar, AP Human Geography,Can His 11, Global Geo 12, History 11
  • Stephane Craan
    Art 9,10,11,12 & Physical Education 9

  • Jennifer Osmond
    Bio 11/12, Adv Bio 12, Bio 12 AP
  • Miranda Allen
    Biology 11 & 12, AP Biology and Science 10
  • Joanne Davenport
    Career Access (10-12), LD Supp. HS Learning Centre
  • Emelie Pineo
    Career Counselor
  • Janette Pearson
    Carer Dev 10/11, Co-op 11/12 CBL 10, WHS 11
  • Paul Warren
    Chem / Adv 11-12, Physics/Adv 11

  • Colin Duncan
    Co-op 11/12, PE 9/11
  • Roy Brown
    Con Tec 10, Pro Tec 12, IA 7, 8 & 9, Skilled Trades 10
  • Mike Elliott
    Con Tech 10, EXT 10, Eng 9 HL 9 EPT 11
  • Sarah Durno
    Core Fr 6-8
  • Lysane Comeau-Sine
    Core Fr 9-12, Sci 9, SH 9
  • Rebecca Bentley
    Dance 11, Yoga 11, Sci 9
  • Paula MacMillan
    ELA 7, SST 7, HL 7
  • Kerry Munroe
    Eng 10, Soc 12
  • Katrina Salmon
    Eng 11, Eng Com 12, Drama 10-12
  • Floyd Priddle
    Eng 11/12, Adv Eng 11/12, Eng Comm 12
  • Gillian George
    English 9 & 10, Healthy Living 9 & Career Development 10
  • Natalie Cunningham
    English 9, Science 10, Social Studies 9, Discovering Opportunities
  • Lyndsay Murphy
    Family Studies MS, 7,8 FST 9, Food Prep & Tech 10
  • Tracey Rogers
    Food Hosp 12, Cld St 9, 11, Law 12
  • Kristine Black
    Franc 9/10/11/12,ArtDra10,Mathe9,Mode de vie Actif 11,Mode de vie Sain 9
  • Susan DeLong
    Gl His 12, His Plane12/ His Anc 10Hist de Canada 11, Droite 12
  • Krista Duncan
    Gr 6 ELA, Science, Health
  • Kathy-Ann Johnson
    Gr 6 ELA, SST and Art
  • Gail Fougere
    Gr 7 ELA, SST 7, Reading Support 7
  • Amanda Alguire (Ettinger)
    Gr 8 ELA, SST
  • Stephanie Ettinger
    Gr 8 ELA, SST
  • Jennifer Veinot
    Gr 8 Math, Math Support Teacher
  • Susan Mahar
    Gr 8 Sci/Math
  • Geoff Daniels
    Gr 9 Math, Healthy Living 9, Physical Education 9 & 12
  • Angela Pound
    Grade 6 Math, Science, ICT Health
  • Michael Smith
    Grade 9 Science, Social Studies and English, Grade 8 Healthy Living
  • Carrie Rand
  • Kathleen Milligan
    LC MS, C & C, BIRT MS
  • Jennifer Collishaw
    Learning Centre 9-12
  • Matt Crosby
    Math 10 and Physics and Advanced Physics 12
  • Dave Harrison
    Math 11, PreCal 11/12, Calc 12
  • Mike Bunin
    Math 6, Science 6 and Health 6
  • Eric MacMillan
    Math 7, Sci 7, HL 7
  • Dale Sanford
    Math 9, Business Management 11, Accounting 11, Sci 9, HL 9, Discovering Opportunities
  • Nadia Hubbard-Mujica
    Mi'kmaq Studies 11, Economics 12, English 9 & 10, Business Technology 11
  • Cathy Baldwin
    Middle School Phys. Ed.
  • Adam Conner
    Multi Med 12, Comp Programming 12, Math 9, AP Computer Science, ANT 11
  • Maggie Helms
    Music 6-12, Eng Comm 11

  • Ross Bentley
    Physical Education 9, 10, 11 & 12
  • Nick Jordan
    Psycology 12, AP Psychology, Design 11, Film and Video 12, Bus. Tech 11
  • Sandra Beckwith
    Resource 11/12, LRN Strat
  • T. J. Zinck
    Resource 6 - 8
  • Alecia Barton
    Resource 9 & 10
  • Beverly Roy
    School Counselor 6-11
  • Bob Barton
    Sci 9, Hum Bio 11, Agr 11, Oceans 11
  • Heather Paquet
    Science 10, English 9 and Social Studies 9, Discovering Opportunities
  • Patricia MacLeod
    Science 7, 9 & 10, Healthy Living 8 and Visual Arts 9
  • Maggie Gunn
    Visual Art 9-11

Daily Announcements

Thursday, May 24th, 2018
Day 2

In The Kitchen
Soup of the Day: Tomato
Rice of the Day:  Chicken
Pizza of the Day: Cheeseburger Bacon
Lunch of the Day: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup $5.25

Grad fees are due by May 25th (TOMORROW!). They can be paid in Student Services. Grad fees cover a variety of expenses, such as the grad cap & gown fee, the cost for diploma covers, the cost for your boutineer on your grad gown, a small contribution towards the banquet after the graduation ceremony, and a small contribution towards safe grad activities. Also included is the cost of your prom ticket, if you plan on going. If you are financially unable to pay your grad fee, please talk with either Mr. Veinot, Ms. Pineo, Mrs. Roy, Mrs. Osmond or Ms. Faber to see if something can be worked out.

Attention class of 2019
Are you interested in overseeing putting together the best yearbook ever? Mr. Priddle is accepting applications for co-editors and fundraising chair for 2018-19. You can design and plan the yearbook. An important task. Editors and fundraising chair also receive a scholarship at graduation. Drop by room 213 for an application.

High School Ambassadors
We will have a brief meeting today at lunch in room 130. See you at the beginning of lunch and please let Miss Pineo know if you are unable to attend.

Attention Potential Grads
Today and tomorrow are the last days to nominate someone who you feel would represent your graduating class well at graduation as valedictorian. Please come down to student services to nominate a grad!

Music Department
Tomorrow is the last Jazz Band rehearsal before our Spring Concert!  Be ready to play by 8:00 am to get the most out of our time together.

Track and Field
Track practice, today, is for throwers and 4X100 Relay runners.  A reminder to any relay runners who need a drive to Acadia, they are to meet in the lobby at 3:20pm.

NKEC Drama Department
Anyone who has props/costumes from any of the productions that are hanging out in the drama room, please come down to gather your things! They miss you!

Next Wednesday at 7 pm in the Drama Room is the Theatre Department Dessert Banquet. Please see Mrs. Salmon for your invitation! You must RVSP by Monday!

Also, all Middle School and High School Humble Heart nominations are due Friday by lunchtime. Please see Mrs. Salmon or Google Classroom for a Humble Heart nomination form.

NKEC Middle School Drama Club, you will have a quick meeting at Middle School lunch in Mrs. Salmon’s room. All students are asked to attend this meeting.

Jr. Girls Softball
The Jr. Girls Softball team stayed undefeated in St. Croix yesterday against the Grade 9 team from Avon View High School. Kalle Porter pitched another gem and blasted a bases clearing double to lead the Titans to a 15-1 victory. The girls will be looking for another Districts title on Monday in Kingston and have a home game next week on Wednesday against Avon View so make plans to come out and cheer them on!

Week 5 of the SYNC free audiobook program: May 24-30
These two selections share the theme of the meaning of family. When Dimple Met Rishi is the story of  what happens when a young East Indian woman and man who have opposite feelings about their parents suggested arranged marriage, attend the same summer program. In Baker’s Magic a young orphan girl’s magical powers help her save the kingdom and discover the meaning of family. These audiobooks can be downloaded from the Leisure Reading page of the library website.

Girls’ Rugby
The girls rugby team travel to West Kings today after school to play for the valley division 2 league championship. Congratulations on making it to the championship game, ladies! The bus will leave NKEC at 3:15 sharp so please be dressed and ready to go. Don’t forget game day lunch in Mr. Barton’s room!

Yearbook Purchase

Lunch Specials for the Week May 21st - 25th

May 21st, 2018

In The Kitchen/Holiday

Soup of the Day:

Rice of the Day:  

Pizza of the Day:

Lunch of the Day:


May 22nd, 2018

In The Kitchen

Soup of the Day: Chicken Noodle

Rice of the Day: Vegetable

Pizza of the Day: Hawaiian

Lunch of the Day: Spaghetti & Meatballs w/Pasta Sauce & Garlic Bread $5.25


May 23rd, 2018

In The Kitchen

Soup of the Day: Broccoli Cheddar

Rice of the Day: Beef Fiesta

Pizza of the Day: Deluxe

Lunch of the Day: Chicken Strips Spicy Fries & Veggie $5.25


May 24th, 2018

In The Kitchen

Soup of the Day: Tomato

Rice of the Day:  Chicken

Pizza of the Day: Cheeseburger Bacon

Lunch of the Day: Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup $5.25


May 25th, 2018

In The Kitchen/Half Day

Soup of the Day:

Rice of the Day:

Pizza of the Day:

Lunch of the Day: